Neighbors Fear Vacant Kansas City Houses Turning Waldo To Trash

The south east side of town confronts continued "transition" amid the pandemic . . . And whilst affordable housing is scarce . . . There's no shortage of sketchy lots & dangerous empty buildings that continue to blight Kansas City.

Check one example out of many . . .

From the outside, a home on East 78th Street looks brand new, but on the inside there’s graffiti, leftover food, and even more trash . . . Squatters have been living in the home since May.

They were evicted not too long ago, but every now and then someone tries to get back in the house.

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Vacant homes causing problems in KC's Waldo neighborhood

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Vacant homes in Southeast Kansas City, Missouri are stirring up problems in the Waldo neighborhood. The peace and quiet is why Ginna Williams has loved her neighborhood since 2003. "Never had any problems," Williams said. "No issues." But a couple of newly renovated homes changed her perspective.