N-word Policy Turnabout: Fired White Teacher Sues For Racial Discrimination

Our main-takeaway . . .

Somebody FINALLY found a reason to reference classic American literature in a practical sense.

Here's the most important part of a recent local legal confrontation . . .

Magoffin's lawsuit states he believes he was discriminated against and suffered harassment due to the Harrisonville School District's "unlawful policies."

    This was a benign discussion turned into a federal case because the District was bent on reverse discriminating, retaliating, and cancelling a white, male, Christian teacher, who some might label as conservative, from the education culture of Harrisonville for fear of backlash
    Magoffin v. Harrisonville-Cass R-IX School District

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Former Harrisonville teacher fired for racial slur sues school district

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. - A former Harrisonville biology teacher fired for using a racial slur in class is suing the school district, claiming discrimination and wrongful termination. The Harrisonville School Board voted to fire John Magoffin on July 1, 2021, citing that he violated the rules and regulations of the district when he used the N-word in class.