Local Mom Mourns Murdered Son As Killer Emerges From Jail

This tragic story deserves a great deal of attention amid rising metro violence.

Whilst murder is becoming more common on local streets . . . This lady's dedication is EXCEPTIONAL:

Michelle Norris, Laykovich’s mother, said she would have liked to see Seger serve a longer sentence.

“He'll do five years for murdering my son and putting an entire family, all these people through the grief and the fear,” Norris said. “I would have liked to have seen him stay in there for life.”

She turned to advocacy after her son’s death and created Corey’s Network. The nonprofit advocates for families of homicide victims across Kansas City.

“We've helped pay for almost 400 funerals at this point for homicide victims and it's been going for over eight years now,” Norris said.

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Man who killed Corey Laykovich in 2013 to finish prison sentence Friday

A Kansas City mother is speaking out, as her son's killer is set to finish the prison sentence for his death next week.Twenty-two-year-old Corey Laykovich was stabbed to death in July 2013 when walking home from a QuikTrip in Independence.