Local Biz Threatens Departure If 'Value Them Both' Abortion Amendment Wins

Check this bold statement on the record from a local biz leader and denizen of Kansas City's creative-class.

Here's the word . . .

The immediate action made Morgans question his businesses’ future as tax-paying entities in the region, supporting governments that would strip rights from its people, he shared.

“We have a team here of 37 people between Marknology and Landlocked,” Morgans said, noting that Landlocked is an apparel company run by Marknology. “I have young women in this company who are thinking about having their tubes tied from fear of what will happen if they have an unwanted pregnancy. I have women in this company who are on birth control buying Plan B in bulk because, if they can ban abortions, then they sure as hell can ban birth control.”

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'If you don't own yourself, you own nothing': Why one founder says he'll relocate his business if Kansas bans abortion

"The biggest way that I can make an impact is with my dollar and with my business. I believe that some states will probably even welcome us if we decide to relocate," said Andrew Morgans, founder and CEO of global e-commerce marketing agency Marknology and apparel company Landlocked, both headquartered in Kansas City.