Library Lessons Learned From Book Bans

An interview with local librarian offers perspective on politicized curriculum and overzealous parents who should probably be happy their youngsters want to read anything at all.  

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In 1995 the Olathe School District lost its case to remove a book about teenage lesbian love from its schools. Protecting students' First Amendment right to such materials in their libraries is still ongoing.

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What Kansas City librarians have learned since 1995's book-banning effort in Olathe

In 2021 the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) tracked 729 challenges to library, school and university materials. Those resulted in more than 1,500 individual books being challenged or removed. OIF Director Deborah Caldwell-Stone says her office is seeing what seems to be a well-organized campaign by advocacy groups with "a particular agenda."