KK Argues Against Prez Biden Inflation & Fist Bump Middle East Junket

One of the best conservative talkers in Kansas City shares a worthwhile take of the latest stunt from the White House that deserves scrutiny amid altogether bad reviews from both right & left sides of the aisle.

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"Hard to believe... but it's getting worse.  Inflation has now hit a staggering 9.1% and most of us believe it's actually worse than that.  Biden's answer is to  fly off to the Middle East and stumble around with leaders fist bumping them, maskless, because of Covid.  Oh ya, he also hugs them and then shakes their hand while speaking with them face to face 8 inches apart.  We explain what his latest charade is all about."

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Inflation hits 9.1%, Biden Fist Bumps, Hawley Smacks Down Whacko, British Open Preview, LeBron Can Save Brittney

Hard to believe... but it's getting worse. Inflation has now hit a staggering 9.1% and most of us believe it's actually worse than that. Biden's answer is to fly off to the Middle East and stumble around with leaders fist bumping them, maskless, beca...

Biden heads to Saudi Arabia for what could be an 'embarrassing' climbdown - or a welcome reset

President Joe Biden is headed to Saudi Arabia this week as part of his first Middle East trip as commander-in-chief. He's going with a list of goals, including energy security, bringing the Saudis and Israel closer together, advancing a truce in Yemen, and establishing a more cohesive regional front against Iran.

Biden says Democrats who believe Israel is an 'apartheid state' are 'wrong': 'Israel is a democracy'

President Biden called out members of his own party who believe that Israel is an "apartheid state." During an interview with N12 News Israel, Biden was asked to respond to "voices" within the Democratic Party who believe "Israel is an apartheid state" and call for an end of "unconditional aid" to Israel.

Biden says US would use military force against Iran as a 'last resort' to prevent it from developing a nuclear weapon

Biden told Israeli news that he's prepared to use force against Iran as a "last resort" to prevent it from obtaining a nuke. Indirect talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal have so far failed to produce an agreement. Biden is visiting the Middle East for the first time as president this week.

Biden tries fist bumps instead of handshakes ahead of Saudi crown prince meeting

subscribe to The NPR Politics Podcast podcast JERUSALEM - When President Biden walked off Air Force One on Wednesday, he did something he hasn't done in a while. Instead of shaking the hand of the first politician to greet him on the red carpet - Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid - he gave him a fist bump.

Average American worker has lost $3,400 in annual wages under Biden thanks to inflation

The average U.S. worker has lost $3,400 in annual income as a result of skyrocketing inflation since President Biden took office nearly 18 months ago. Overall, the Consumer Price Index, a key inflation measurement, surged 9.1% year-over-year in June, a more-than-expected increase that marked its highest level since November 1981, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report Wednesday.

Biden lands in Israel to begin Middle East trip as inflation soars at home - live

Biggest 12-month US inflation increase since 1981, data shows Americans looking for relief from the country's inflation spike did not find it in June, the latest data from the Labor Department confirmed. The consumer price index rose 9.1% last month compared to June 2021, its biggest 12-month increase since the same period in November 1981.

Biden makes Holocaust gaffe during Israel visit

President Biden, visiting Israel on Wednesday, added yet another entry to his long list of gaffes, mistakenly saying we must keep alive the "honor of the Holocaust." The president made the flub shortly after touching down in Israel, kicking off a two-day visit with the Middle Eastern country's leaders.

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