Kansas Guv Kelly Flexes Veto Power Ahead Of 'Value Them Both' Abortion Vote

Credit where it's due . . . Agree or disagree with her politics, Guv Kelly's Summer publicity tour has been stellar and clearly outshines her opponents.  

Real talk . . . 

Does anybody know or care what Kansas AG Derek Schmidt is doing with his Summer??? 

We're not playing partisan politics here . . . We'd honestly like to know and we're being charitable by even bringing up his name given that he has disappeared into the Twitter abyss without any earned media in MONTHS.

Check this reminder to progressives and lady voters of her power in Topeka . . .

“I just hope that I’m here to modify whatever comes forward,” Kelly told reporters.

If this amendment passes, political experts say whoever wins the race for governor will play a role in what laws go through. If Kansas lawmakers were to pass a ban on abortion, the next governor will have veto power.

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Kansas governor hints at plan if abortion amendment passes

TOPEKA, ( KSNT) - Just weeks away from the Primary Election, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly is positioning herself for the general election. Kelly launched "Prosperity on the Plains," a statewide economic development tour, on Thursday. The tour focuses on small businesses, spring-boarding off of the state's recent Panasonic deal.