Kansas City Welcomes Lucas Kunce

Fair play for our council lady this evening . . . Katheryn Shields making power moves in the Missouri U.S. Senate contest on the Democratic Party side.

Whilst the Republicans are slugging it out with gun & blowtorch commercials . . . Veteran Lucas Kunce is touting his unabashedly progressive credentials.

Despite the red state leanings of Missouri . . . Let's not downplay KC's role in fundraising . . . And let's not forget the Kunce has MORE THAN THREE MILLION BUCKS IN HIS CAMPAIGN PIGGY BANK.

And so . . . Tonight the council lady introduced the contender to a small but important crowd which seems to think that an anti-gun, pro-abortion, and pro-immigrant politico can win in Missouri . . . And that might be the case if Eric Greitens gets the nod from his party.

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In Senate race, Democrat Lucas Kunce pledges fight for abortion rights, stronger action on guns

Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Lucas Kunce has a relatively straightforward contention on why he'd be the best candidate in November: The Jefferson City native wants someone who's experienced economic hardship to provide a voice to Missouri. "Most Missourians grow up paycheck to paycheck or one disaster from bankruptcy," Kunce said during an episode of St.

Lucas Kunce: National identification program will crush independent farmers

With the recent recalls, there's been talk in Washington about bringing back a Big Brother government program that has devastated independent farmers: National Identification. Originally introduced in 2006, the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) was allegedly put in place to curtail diseases and bacteria in animal products after the Mad Cow Disease outbreak.

Dems Hope Greitens' 'Twistedness' Makes Him Vulnerable

Eric Greitens' Senate campaign is racking up more backlash by the day. His once allies are turning on him-with some calling on the former Republican governor to drop out. And Democrats in the state are practically salivating at the thought of a former governor who resigned in disgrace being their competition this fall.

Developing . . .