Kansas City 'Truth Over Troost' Name Game Argues Against Dead Slaver Street Nomenclature

Fun fact . . .

Last month nobody really cared about a local juice store man angry over a street sign because his story hit on the same day of a historic SCOTUS decision on abortion. 

And so . . . The local politico activist tried again and doesn't seem to garnering much traction this time around either given that gas prices, inflation and lady parts seem to occupy the minds of voters far more than shameful local history.

Moreover . . .


Still, in fairness . . . Here's the story . . .

As a Kansas City Parks and Recreation board member, Goode launched an initiative in 2020 to remove the name JC Nichols — a local historical figure who had race restrictions in the deeds to properties he built and sold — from the fountain and parkway near the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.

On Wednesday, June 22, Goode once again made clear it was time to make change in his city, he shared. Goode posted the petition, “TRUTH over troost,” outlining why he feels it is important to remove “Troost” as a street name. As of June 30, Goode had collected about 350 signatures.

After several years of renting the building on Troost Avenue that houses one of three Ruby Jean’s Juicery locations, Goode purchased the building earlier this year, he said — noting that his ownership is meant to represent a continual investment in the local community.

“As a stakeholder, as an investor, as a business owner, as a steward in this community, this is how I’ll use my voice,” he said.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - The owner of Ruby Jean's Juicery recently launched the "Truth over Troost" petition in an effort to get the street renamed. Chris Goode, whose business stands on the corner of 30th Street and Troost Avenue, said his petition has gained hundreds of signatures.

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Despite its widely-known street name, "Troost Avenue" does not accurately represent the small businesses, nonprofits and families along the increasingly dense Kansas City corridor, said Chris Goode. "So many beautiful efforts take place on Troost - from The Combine to Operation Breakthrough or Urban Cafe and Rockhurst University...

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KANSAS CITY, MO - Chris Goode, the owner of Ruby Jean's Juicery on east 30th Street and Troost Avenue, is pushing to change the narrative along the street by changing the name, due to its ties to slavery. "These green signs have blood dripping down them quite literally," Goode said.

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