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We noticed this report earlier in the news cycle and tonight we want to share the aftermath.

There are now charges against this youngster who is now charged with shooting at a young family in his neighborhood following allegations of bullying against his family member at school.

Here are the basics . . .

A security camera on her front porch captured video of a man running to the lawn, yelling at her children, and then he pulls out a gun. It’s unknown at this time what was said and how long he was waiting nearby. He shot at the two children multiple times as the 12-year-old, still with her baby brother in her arms, runs through the front door.

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Kansas City mother shot while with her children

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - A mother is recovering from gunshot wounds after what she said was a targeted shooting at her daughter in the front yard of their home. Rosa Olivas was lying on the floor inside her house as her 12-year-old daughter was holding her 11-month-old brother while watering tomatoes in their yard.

Teen suspect charged for shooting at family outside KC home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 16-year-old teenager is facing charges for allegedly firing more than 15 gunshots at a 12-year-old and her 11-month-old brother outside their home Sunday afternoon. The teen suspect, who is not being identified, has been charged with first-degree assault, attempted first-degree assault and two lower felony charges.

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