Kansas City Tearing Down Historic Midtown Katz Building Today?!?


No. Kansas City is NOT tearing down the Katz building.  

Sure, we're a bit clickbait-y with that headline but the fact is that the screenshot is taken from footage from a few days ago and it's quickly circulating amongst lesser social media outlets. 

Accordingly . . . Our KICK-ASS BLOG COMMUNITY DEVOTED TO JOURNALISM is here to offer a quick but useful fact check . . .

The demolition is actually a targeting an addition and a quick look at the footage reveals that workers are taking care to preserve the iconic KCMO structure.

Developers claim that it might one day "transform" into overpriced luxury living space.

Meanwhile . . . Kansas City artsy denizens lament that their low-rent studio space was abruptly taken away.

And so . . . 

All of Midtown awaits the upcoming tow train streetcar extension which, so far, has only fueled rampant real estate speculation and displaced some (but not all) of the po'folk around the area. 

Developing . . .