Kansas City Sunday: Endemic Monkeypox, Rock Chalk Rampage & Goodbye Uhura

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Constant Cowtown Struggle

KC advocate group helping with unsolved murders in the metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For the past nine years, Corey's Network has brought the community together to raise awareness for unsolved murders across the metro. For the founders, their mission is not just a goal, but it's incredibly personal, after their son Corey was gunned down in the summer of 2013.

Double Deadly Kansas Shooting Backstory

Man arrested in deadly Lawrence crime spree had history of drug convictions

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KCTV) - A man arrested for killing two men at two homes miles apart from each other then shooting at police spent time in prison for possession of narcotics and aggravated assault, among other crimes. Lawrence Police released the man's name Sunday night, but KCTV5 has a policy of not naming suspects until they are charged in court.

Hometown Help Deconstructed

Grassroots justice communities know Kansas City's needs better than huge nonprofits

Environmental and climate justice are increasingly mainstream ideas, from work like mine in academia, to executive orders issued by President Joe Biden. There are more opportunities than ever for large organizations to support environmental justice work and collaborate with environmental justice-oriented grassroots communities, including here in Kansas City.

Challenging Racist Comix?!?

A Kansas City comic company is making space for Black and brown characters in manga

Kansas Citian Brandon Calloway has always loved Japanese manga, especially titles like "One Piece," "Yu Yu Hakusho" and "Attack On Titan." But he noticed those worlds were missing something: Black protagonists. "One of the things that always baffles me is, in a fantasy world, you could create a world full of, walking, talking, lobsters, anyone, literally anything you want," Calloway told KCUR's Up To Date.

Show-Me Weed FAIL

Unofficial totals show Missouri marijuana legalization initiative short on signatures * Missouri Independent

An initiative to legalize recreational marijuana use in Missouri will need help if it is going to be on the November ballot . Reports from every county in the state, delivered to Secretary of State John Ashcroft's office, show the petition is short of its goal in two of the six congressional districts needed to qualify for the ballot.

Kylie Stays Winning Internets

Kylie Jenner can't save Instagram forever

In early May, the Meta executive in charge of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, shared some news: the social media app's main feed would start looking dramatically different to some users. For those in a small test group, the feed they'd been using for a decade would be replaced with an "immersive viewing experience" containing full-screen photos and videos with many posts coming from people they weren't following.

Dems Ready To Ditch Prez Biden

WaPo opinion writers rank who wins Democratic nomination 'if Biden doesn't' run

A group of Washington Post opinion writers ranked who they believe would be the Democratic nominee for president in 2024 on Friday if President Biden doesn't run for reelection. "Well, President Biden is who we've got, and he's who the Democrats have got going into 2024. Unless ..." the article said.


Arizona GOP House Speaker Rusty Bowers says 'America's tired' of Trump: 'I'll never vote for him, but I won't have to'

Once a supporter of Trump, Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers said he'd never vote for him again. "I certainly don't trust that authority that he would exercise," he said on ABC's "This Week." Bowers testified in front of the January 6 committee, prompting backlash from his own party.

More Hard Times Coming Soon

'Recession will deepen in Q3': Peter Schiff called the 2008 crash and now says the current downturn will only get worse. Here's what he likes for safety

By now, quite a few celebrities - including Elon Musk and Suze Orman - have predicted that a recession would hit the U.S. economy. Peter Schiff, CEO and chief global strategist at Euro Pacific Capital, is the latest expert to sound the alarm. "[T]he U.S.

Monkey Pox Here To Stay

It's Too Late: Monkeypox May Be Part of Our Lives Forever

We failed to get on top of the monkeypox outbreak and we may have missed the chance to stop the disease becoming endemic-and a permanent threat-in the U.S. and Europe. Monkeypox is spreading fast all over the world, especially in the United States and Europe.

Uhura Curtain Call

Nichelle Nichols, trailblazing 'Star Trek' actress, dies at 89

Actress and singer Nichelle Nichols, best known for her groundbreaking portrayal of Lt. Nyota Uhura in "Star Trek: The Original Series," has died at age 89, according to a statement from her son, Kyle Johnson.

Salvy Saves Home Team Again

Salvador Perez forces me to rewrite an entire recap; Royals win 8-6

The Bronx Bombers ain't got nothing on Salvy. But first, let's set the stage. It was a pitcher's duel through four innings before the Royal rookies took over the game for a half inning. Vinnie Pasquantino led off with a walk, something Yankees' starter Jordan Montgomery is not particularly known for.

The Team Without Tyreek Hill

Kansas City Chiefs fans: Introduce yourselves!

Up the road in St. Joseph, Missouri - where the Kansas City Chiefs are conducting training camp at Missouri Western State University - our favorite NFL team is taking a day off from practice.

Hotness Ahead . . . 

FORECAST: Heat index will reach above 100 degrees on Monday

Warm and muggy conditions stick around this evening with light southwesterly winds in place. Overnight temperatures will fall into the 70s under a mostly clear sky. Monday afternoon will be a hot day with highs soaring into the low to mid 90s. Heat index values will likely surpass the triple digits for many locations during the day.

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