Kansas City Star To Royals: Trade Whit Merrifeld For COVID Vaxx Vengeance

When one group of losers gives advice to another . . . Something bad is bound to happen.

And whilst the Star is slowly transitioning into a non-profit . . . They prize politics over baseball.

Sadly . . . That seems to be the case with Dayton Moore in charge as well . . . 

Accordingly . . . Here's bad advice and the newspaper hoping the team will lose one of their few worthwhile players for the sake of Midterm election politics . . .

The stimulus here is not simply Merrifield’s unwillingness to take a vaccine, but rather the strained words that followed in what was intended to be an explanation.

It fell far short of that.

Merrifield is one of 10 Royals players who rejected the COVID-19 vaccination requirement to enter Canada and participate in a series in Toronto last weekend. All deserve the scrutiny that ensued, but Merrifield separated himself from the other nine with a stunning admission:

Trade me, and I just might reconsider.

What we should have read into that remark is that Merrifield is not only willing to accept a trade but eager to seek one — he’ll go against his principles to embrace one, in fact, if you can call shunning a needle a principle. He’s not dumb — there’s a reason he elected to broadcast that stance to the rest of the baseball world.

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Why it's time for the Kansas City Royals to trade Whit Merrifield

On Friday night at Kauffman Stadium, nine days removed from the most recent time he put on a baseball uniform, Whit Merrifield will walk into the same clubhouse he's known for the past seven years. He will settle in front of the same corner locker and sit on the same black rolling chair.