The newspaper has pretty much abandoned useless journalism in favor of advocacy and so their Sunday editorial seemingly follows that line of thinking.

Agree or disagree . . . Here's a quote that seems to sum up their position:

A woman has a fundamental, inalienable right to choose an abortion. It is not something for the “people’s elected representatives” to decide, no matter what Samuel Alito thinks. It’s for the woman to decide. Anything less reduces her to second-class status, unprotected by the law, and not free.

Abortion is not mandatory — those who oppose the procedure can still convince mothers not to undergo it. They can provide support for women facing unwanted pregnancy. They can accelerate efforts to help women (and men) raise children in a safe, nurturing environment. We support those efforts. We want as few abortions as possible. But we do not support the heavy hand of the state interfering with a woman’s most difficult, intimate, personal health decisions.

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The Star urges a no vote on Kansas abortion amendment. Politicians must not revoke rights

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Kansas voters face one of the most important questions in state history on Aug. 2. They'll decide if the Kansas Constitution will make women second-class citizens, with fewer rights than men.