Kansas City Star Betrays World Cup Toy Train

To start the morning we check a slight "evolution" in the local discourse when it comes to the cost prohibitive Kansas City streetcar.

Not even the newspaper thinks it's a good idea to build a pricey new extension to the stadiums. 

Take a peek at the money line as soccer fever seems to be cooling . . .

We supported the initial streetcar project. We endorsed the extension of the streetcar along Main.

We do not oppose the streetcar system.

But rushing to build six or seven miles of new track from Union Station or downtown to the Truman Sports Complex in just four years would be too costly and too disruptive.

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A streetcar line to Arrowhead for the World Cup - while the Royals eye downtown?

OPINION AND COMMENTARY City Manager Brian Platt says there is a chance - a serious chance - Kansas City could build a streetcar extension to the Truman Sports Complex in time for the World Cup in 2026. "There's certainly a physical possibility," he said last week. "We're going to explore it.