Kansas City Savors Immigrant Cuisine

Was going to write a snarky headline here but the truth is . . . Even the most virulent racist I've ever met absolutely LOVES immigrant food . . . Not just tacos either . . . Given an opportunity, most foodies will deep dive into exotic stuff just to expand their culinary horizons . . . Yes, Ethiopian pizza is "a thing" and worth trying.

In yet another example that MSM takes politics a bit too seriously . . . We're noticed that that many locals can rant all day long about the hordes gathering at U.S. borders & shores and the threat to Western Civilization and U.S. culture but then feel absolutely no shame when waltzing into a biz run by people who barely speak English and spending tons of cash.

Here's the local angle . . .

The path to the American Dream leads through the kitchen for many newer Americans. Starting a restaurant, bakery or grocery presents the same financial challenges of any new enterprise. But it also allows immigrants to lean on — and preserve — the comforts of a familiar culture.

The stories of a handful of Kansas City entrepreneurs illustrate their journeys to make new lives for themselves and to open doors for the generations to follow.

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Immigrants find a path to success through food businesses - Kansas City Business Journal

Owning food businesses plays a dual role for people moving to the U.S.: It helps them make a living preserving the cultures they left, and it creates options for the next generations. We talk to four Kansas City-area entrepreneurs about their experiences.