Kansas City Royals: Losers For Skipping COVID Vaxx Or Vice Versa?!?

There has been scathing criticism of our lowly home team from progressives and baseball fans across the nation following their COVID vaxx opt out of Canada.

Here's a passage from one of the most critical screeds targeting the losing team . . .

"Royals second baseman and outfielder Whit Merrifield, whom Kansas City announced on Wednesday is one of 10 players—that’s nearly 40% of the roster—who will be ineligible for this weekend’s series in Toronto, told reporters, “The only reason that I would think about getting [the vaccine] at this point is to go to Canada. That might change down the road. Something happens and I happen to get on a team that has a chance to go play in Canada in the postseason, maybe that changes. But as we sit here right now, I’m comfortable with my decision.”

"Did you catch that? If Merrifield played for a good team, he would care about his teammates. But he doesn’t, so he’ll take four days off.

"That makes sense: He is not a winning player. None of these scientists in baseball pants are . . ."

We've seen a few defenses of the team and so we put it to readers . . .


The answers might spark conversation that'll probably be  more interesting than the remainder of the season that's already quickly moving to 100 losses.

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The Kansas City Royals will be without 10 players over the next four games as they take on the Toronto Blue Jays in Canada. It's a massive loss for the Royals, who are already the worst team in the American League Central and will now be without several key players, including Whit Merrifield and outfielder Andrew Benintendi.

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It's quick to get off topic or down a rabbit hole when talking about the COVID-19 vaccines, so starting with the basics is important. Multiple COVID-19 vaccines have been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration here in the United States and in similar health agencies around the world.

You decide . . .