Kansas City MAGA Fulfilled After Double Date With Pete Mundo & Eric Greitens

By now you've seen, heard or read that there was an action packed meeting of the minds in Kansas City last night which probably the closest thing we'll get to penetrating questions and answers for this GOP primary.

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The whole evening — a wide ranging Q&A session between Kansas City conservative talk radio host Pete Mundo and Greitens over inflation, the so-called “Deep State,” Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and RINOs — barely touched on the accusations hanging over Greitens’ Senate bid. 

The only mention of them to the crowd came when Mundo asked vaguely about voters’ concern about unspecified “accusations” against Greitens. 

“What do you want to tell every conservative grassroots folks in the state about these things that they’re seeing on TV, hearing on radio that people are spending millions of dollars against you on?” Mundo asked. 

And much like he said on a wide array of issues throughout the evening, Greitens blamed the forces that oppose him. He said the accusations were “concocted” in Washington, D.C.

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Greitens refutes polls that have him 3rd as 'fake' during Kansas City campaign event

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Embattled Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greteins drew a crowd in Downtown Kansas City for a campaign event Monday night. Hosted by 710 KCMO Talk Radio's Pete Mundo, the former governor spoke with potential voters during "Politics and a Pint" at The Jewel event space.

Greitens drops to third place in Missouri Senate GOP primary after domestic abuse allegations

But just one month after an anti-Greitens super PAC formed to blanket the airwaves with new allegations of domestic and child abuse made by his ex-wife, the group has become the top TV spender in Missouri's Senate race, buying up more than $6 million worth of ads.

Abuse allegations hanging over Senate race get little mention at Greitens event in KC * Missouri Independent

When she arrived Monday night to hear former Gov. Eric Greitens campaign for U.S. Senate in downtown Kansas City, Christine Thompson was on the fence. It wasn't the accusations of child abuse - made in a sworn affidavit by his ex-wife - that gave her pause about Greitens.

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