Kansas City Lady Pays 1000 Bucks To Regain Sense Of Taste & Smell After COVID

A treatment with local anesthetic required an out-of-pocket payment but proved effective for this local.

Here's part of her story . . .

"She said her sense of taste and smell came back after fourteen days. Then one week later, it was gone again . . . She said she hopes her story will help other people experiencing symptoms of long COVID-19 realize what options are out there, so they don’t have to go through what she did for so long."

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Kansas City woman can smell and taste again after nine months with long COVID-19

A Kansas City woman is sharing her story in an effort to help others after experiencing symptoms of long COVID-19.Kelsi Shiao tested positive for COVID-19 after celebrating her 21st birthday in September. "I was super sick I felt like I had the flu," Shiao said.