Kansas City Hyperlocal: Back To School Prep, Civic Responsibility & Community Fabric

In this post we gather some of the nice news that we don't want to skip over. The content is heartfelt, inspiring and offers a somewhat sweeter look at life in this cowtown.

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Kansas City joins Missouri and local counties in Back-to-School Tax Holiday

Kansas City families getting ready for the school year can save some money during the Missouri Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday the weekend of Aug. 5-7.

Olathe Public Schools hiring for variety of positions ahead of school year

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the 2022-2023 school year approaches, the Olathe Public Schools district is hiring for a variety of positions. They range from paraeducators and administrative assistants, to custodians, HVAC technicians, warehouse support and more. The district said it's offering shifts ranging from 30 to 60 minutes during 6 a.m.

Kansas City organization 'The College Coaching Network' opens doors for students to go to college

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Claude Harris has a vivid memory of the end of high school. "I had a 3.875 GPA, I was on the principal's honor roll, but I only scored a 17 on the ACT test," Harris said. "And I just wanted to go to college, that was my dream.

H&R Block commits to community service effort in honor of Bloch's 100th birthday - Kansas City Business Journal

As part of a larger effort to better connect with clients and their communities, H&R Block proclaimed its late founder Henry Bloch 's July 30 birthday as Make Every Block Better Day. H&R Block organized more than 100 teams of its employees around the world to participate in volunteer events in their local communities over the next month.

Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt said that the organization encourages its players to be "civically active"

Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt said that the organization encourages its players to be "civically active" and supports them when endorsing a candidate or position.

Officials approve $15 million to improve roads, add fire station near future De Soto Panasonic plant

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After Kansas officials announced a Panasonic plant will be built in De Soto, Kansas, the work to support the project is underway. On Thursday, the Johnson County's Board of County Commissioners approved $15 million to improve infrastructure and ensure there is fire protection near the plant.

Missouri grant targets food insecurity, but urban farmers complain of high upfront costs

The Missouri Department of Agriculture's Food Insecure Urban Agriculture Matching Grant will award up to $50,000 to nine urban farms who are helping to address food insecurity in their communities. The grant is significantly higher than in previous years, signaling that lawmakers and the Department of Agriculture are making food insecurity a priority.

Arthur Bryant, Gates Bar-B-Q Make National List for Top Barbecue Rivals - In Kansas City

Ask any Kansas Citian what's the best barbecue place around town, and you'll likely hear a few different answers. Afterall, it's practically in every Kansas Citians' DNA to go to bat for their favorite Kansas City barbecue. A recent nationwide list from Mashed that examined the top US restaurant rivalries put barbecue at the top...

How the Kansas City Zoo is working to restore the population of native freshwater mussels

Many people think of mussels as something you find in the ocean and fry in France or boil in a black bean broth in China. But mussels are a broad category of bivalve mollusks found in rivers, ponds and lakes all over North America-or they should be, at least.

It starts with wool on 125-year-old looms; story of Pancho's Blanket weaves KC into family mission

Pancho's Blanket partners with artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico, to design and make wool jackets, blankets, and sweaters. "We pay the artists well. It's totally ethical. And it's unique because you won't get (these designs anywhere else) in Mexico," said Jonathan Garvey, a UMKC business school grad. "You can only get it from us."

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