Kansas City Gen Z Saves Democracy?!?

Overall this is a hopeful report and we are certain that longtime voters won't greet it with undue skepticism.

Still . . . Even the premise cautions that youth vote movements haven't panned out for the past half century . . . Take a peek . . .

"These new politicians are working to break political molds they see unfit for serving their generation, as well as trying to get their peers to the polls despite young people historically having the lowest voter turnout."

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Zooming into Politics: Gen Z Candidates Share Ambition, Obstacles in Running Young - Flatland

Ray Reed sat around a bonfire in Kirkwood with hometown and college friends after the 2020 presidential election, discussing the political issues they wanted to see government officials make progress on, he recalled. "We care about student loan forgiveness. We care about universal health care. We care about reproductive rights.