Kansas City Family Converts School Bus To Mobile Home To Survive In Prez Biden's America

God bless'em . . . This family seems happy and enthusiastic about the new life journey in a mobile home.

Fact is . . . People don't need as much "stuff" to survive as mainstream media leads us to believe.

On the other hand . . .

This report is a stark reminder of the sacrifices that more people are making as an American economic downturn takes hold . . .

"The couple, from Kansas City, Missouri, purchased a 40-foot 1995 school bus for $3,500 in November 2019 with the aim of transforming it into a mobile home for themselves and their children."

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Family-of-7 save $2,000 on bills a month by living in converted school bus

For some free-spirited globetrotters, quitting the day job to roam the world and live among the beauty of nature is the ultimate fantasy. With the cost of gas skyrocketing in America, living in an off-grid, energy-efficient home could look more appealing than ever.