Kansas City Dudes Answer: Ladies Right To Skip July 4th?!?

Since this Internets destination might be the biggest sausage fest in all of Kansas City . . . Let's put it to good use . . .


In our mind . . . The very fact that we can protest, skip or do pretty much whatever we want answers that question.

Moreover . . .

This year, no matter your political leanings, we love the fact that it's a sign of defiance, freedom & patriotic duty to try have have a good time and find a bit of joy in your part of the world . . . Nothing could be more American than that . . . But I digress . . . 

However, this blog is better at journalism than most so we'll look at both sides of the equation. 

Here's the thesis from a Hollywood starlet and the newspaper p0wn'd by Jeff Bezos . . .

No fireworks, no parades, no grill and definitely no blueberry-strawberry-whipped cream flag cake. Plenty of American women are taking a knee on July Fourth this year. And who could blame us?

“Joining women in solidarity wearing black and Not Celebrating the 4th of July, because it certainly is not a day of independence for us,” tweeted actress Rosanna Arquette. “It never was.”

With one of the most important human rights, control over one’s body, imperiled with the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in a nation where polling has found one in five women has experienced an attempted or completed rape, it doesn’t feel like the land of the free.

Again . . .

We expect that the only answers will come from dudes but that doesn't make the insights any less important.

For further edification . . .

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Another counterpoint . . .

This July 4th, honor female veterans who have helped protect our independence.

It happened 15 years ago, but it's a reminder that bias still exists. I was attending a "Beat Navy" watch party with my local West Point alumni group. I sat at a small table of men and introduced myself as Class of '93. The group barely acknowledged me and just turned back to watch the game.

You decide . . .