Kansas City Doesn't Have Enough Cambodian Donut Shops

A recent report in an upscale Kansas City mag got me thinking about how this town was passed over when it comes to a trend that the U.S. has seen in bigger, better cities.

First . . . A peek at the local angle . . .

"Recently, Kansas Citians were abuzz on the local city (CHINESE-OWNED CONTENT MILL) chatting about their favorite spots to grab donuts around Kansas City. Here’s where the locals say to go . . ."

We've seen most of these suggestions before . . . 

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Kansas Citians Weigh in On the City's Best Donuts - In Kansas City

There's nothing quite like a warm, fluffy, and sweetly sticky donut to enjoy with your morning coffee or devour in the car on your way to work. Recently, Kansas Citians were abuzz on the local city Reddit channel chatting about their favorite spots to grab donuts around Kansas City.

And the point of this post is that there are two or three places in town that signal a more eclectic donut future for Kansas City . . . We hope to find more in the future and encourage readers to help sugary carb lovers to roll in the right direction . . .

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You decide . . .