Kansas City Desperately Seeking Alternatives Amid Higher Gas Prices

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Meanwhile, the middle-class labor diligently to keep their B.S. job work at home dreams alive . . .

The situation is a little better here than in many other parts of the country."

As of June 30, Missouri and Kansas are among the 10 states with the second lowest average gas prices, according to Gasbuddy.com, which also tracks national average gas prices in real time. The average price in Missouri is $4.59 a gallon and in Kansas it’s $4.57. The national average price is $4.84.

“Low-income people tend to be concentrated in certain parts of town, but jobs are spread all over,” he said. “The price of gas has nearly doubled since the bottom of the pandemic. People are feeling it every time they fill up.”

Karen Clawson, MARC’s Air Quality and RideshareKC program manager, said she had received more phone calls about RideshareKC in the past six months, before gas prices started rising but especially since gas exceeded $4 a gallon.

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How Kansas Citians are dealing with high gas prices: Filling up less, carpooling more

John Davis of Prairie Village doesn't fill up his gas tank these days like he did before prices started soaring.

High gas prices have some KC metro residents staying close to home for Fourth of July

High gas prices have some people in the Kansas City metro staying close to home for the Fourth of July holiday weekend.The average price for a gallon of gas in Missouri is $4.57. It's down 7 cents from last week, but it's $1.76 more than at this time last year.In Kansas, the average is $4.58 a gallon, which is up by $1.71 from this time last year.

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