Kansas City Council Lady Questions Leadership Of Interim KCPD Chief

An election season controversy, recent KCPD departure and ongoing debate over police administration has sparked a public debate amongst two high-ranking Kansas City leaders. 

In a recent interview Council Lady Teresa Loar blamed Interim KCPD Chief Mabin for the forced resignation of her son — 26 year veteran & former KCPD captain David Loar. 

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On the record and with no holds barred . . . Here's the word . . .

Kansas City Member Of Council Teresa Loar's Comment After Her Son's Forced KCPD Resignation

In a city that is on record as one of the most violent and dangerous in the country, that to date has 90 homicides; I find it perplexing that the current interim police chief would prioritize suspending a 26 year captain with a stellar record over hyper-partisan and politically motivated attacks. 

My son, a decorated police officer with KCPD, was forced to retire due to the threat of termination and losing a 26 year pension over meritless allegations.

He was asked to provide a ride along for Eric Greitens.  He followed procedure and cleared the request with command staff.  All of his superiors authorized the ride along. 

Greitens campaign staffers captured video recordings of him in the parking lot of North Patrol.  David was unaware they were recording.  David was not displayed in any Internet video, he did not say anything in the online clip and had nothing to do with the mobile phone production.
He was preparing for his evening shift when it all took place.  This was Friday, Apr. 22.

Interim Police Chief Mabin sent a deputy chief to my son's house on Apr. 26 Tuesday morning - The Interim Chief's second day on the job - to suspend David.  There was no reason provided and no one had reached out to David to even talk to him.  To this day NO ONE from KCPD has communicated with David about this incident.

A special prosecutor was sent "the case" that David supposedly violated sections of state statue 84 that police officers on duty cannot "campaign for any candidate" in uniform. 

The prosecutor, after careful consideration, found there was absolutely NO EVIDENCE of any violation of state statue 84.  So a 26 year captain with 47 commendations in his file was forced out of his job. 
Kansas City needs at least 300 more officers and struggles to recruit or even field applicants. There are seasoned officers leaving daily because of poor treatment by leadership. We're in desperate straights to protect the resident of this city. Meanwhile, at the top, there is a stunning disregard for our rank & file officers, captains and detectives who selflessly devote their careers and lives to the cause of public safety but have been met with nothing but politicized criticism and betrayal. 

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