Kansas City Council Dude Eric Bunch Serves As Bike Lane Dictator

We thank the only our favorite south side blogger for the link and return the favor by highlighting his excellent analysis of bike lanes in Kansas City. 

The complaint that we hear echoed citywide . . .

It's not that anybody REALLY opposes bike lines or sidewalk access . . . But the autocratic demands of cycling activists and councilman Eric Bunch ignore neighborhoods and communities with a myriad of priorities for safer streets. 

Translation: Council Dude Eric Bunch Acts Like The King Of Bike Lanes.

This blogger puts it even better . . .

"Bike lanes can be a good thing, both for the environment and the exercise. They’re certainly all over England and Europe – as are sidewalks – so we’re basically behind the times here on both counts. There is apparently a Bike KC Master Plan, though in many instances it seems like bike lanes just get put in willy nilly; often where Councilman Bunch wants them. Kudos also to the third district for wanting a halt to new bike lanes until there’s community input."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Bicycle Master Plan Escapes Scrutiny

Cudos to Tony. He certainly got this one right. When street projects are planned, the city holds pubic meetings in order to take comments from the community. Of course, they go ahead with whatever was planned in the first place. They just make a show of interest/caring.