Kansas City Corporate Solar Stays Winning?!?

CAVEAT . . . We don't actually hate this report because it holds more promise than other schemes.

Solar power isn't there yet but has more upside potential than competing garbage like windmills.

Here's an upbeat local report that might or might not put us in as good of a mood as hottie Jordan during her glam model glory days.

Check-it . . .

Backed by fellow KC climate-focused corporations — Sun Partners International, JE Dunn, MRIGlobal, and RisingSun Solar — the solar installation allows Operation Breakthrough’s Ignition Lab to generate zero-carbon energy while providing a space for students to learn and gain work experience within STEM fields.

Black & Veatch was integral in the funding and design of the solar project.

The solar work at the Troost STEM lab represents just one of Black & Veatch’s recent ventures into sustainable infrastructure. The firm has found that critical infrastructure needs to become “more robust, resilient, and sustainable to continue to operate . . ."

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Kansas City corporate leader works to take ClimateTech from research to the real world

The solar canopy at Operation Breakthrough's high-profile STEM lab and youth coworking space was an opportunity for Black & Veatch to put one of the firm's core capabilities to use for the community and the climate, said Ilya Tabakh.

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