Kansas City Buys Local Amid Inflation

The problem with this reporting is that it neglects to inform readers that LOCAL PRODUCERS ARE ALSO PART OF THE GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN.

I'm not sure if "Putin's price hike" ever included farmer's market zucchini but that doesn't stop our entry level newsie friends from imagining as much . . .

"High input costs have pushed up food prices at grocery stores. But local farmers have been able to keep prices more stable, and that’s attracting new customers."

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Inflation's silver lining - shoppers choose local food over national brands as prices increase

Jenny Osner changes out the price tags every Monday at Hired Man's Grocery, which she runs with her husband in Conway Springs, Kansas. Lately, it's been taking twice as long to switch the price signs. With inflation pushing up food prices by 12% according to one estimate, Osner said there are more price increases than price decreases.