Kansas City Back To The Grind: Arson, Toxic Goods & No Cure For COVID


It's been awhile since we had fun with this blog but J-Lo promo booty at the ripe age of 53 inspires our good mood this morning as we consider pop culture, community news and just a few top headlines.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Arson Suspected Across Bridge

Northland apartment fire believed to be intentionally set

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The circumstances of an apartment complex fire in the Northland is leading investigators to believe it was intentionally set. According to some witnesses at the scene, they heard a large boom, followed by smoke detectors going off.

12th & Oak Nice Guy Spotlighted

'The office of transparency:' Meet the man trying to connect more Kansas Citians to City Hall

Gary Jones' first experience as a public servant was largely marked by long, hot days in the sun counting the number of bikes around Kansas City. In 2016, during his senior year of high school, he interned with Kansas City's public works department and landed the important task of helping the city install more bike lanes.

Give KCPD A Brake

KCPD officer injured in crash while enroute to double shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - UPDATE, 5:30 a.m. | The KCPD officer suffered minor injuries after his vehicle was hit when he was en-route to a reported shooting. About a block away from the officer crash, two people were shot. One victim suffered critical injuries, the other suffered non life-threatening injuries.

Poison Products Found Locally

Goods with lead are easy to find at antique shops, discount stores. They're also toxic

A vintage military-style trunk she bought at an eastern Michigan flea market when she was a teenager became a staple of Jennifer Poupard's life. Poupard, now 37, originally bought it to store her CDs. Over the years the trunk - styled with leather handles and metal buckles - served as a container for shoes, a coffee table and as a resting place for a record player.

Diva Promotes Brand In The Buff

Jennifer Lopez shares completely naked Instagram post to celebrate 53rd birthday

Jennifer Lopez is having a moment, and we're lapping up all and every detail we can find about her life. From her Las Vegas wedding to Ben Affleck (featuring two wedding dresses) to all the ways she manages to make 53 look like 23.

White House Confronts Economic Showdown

Analysis: Biden faces moment of truth on the economy this week

Every week is a tough week for this White House right now.


These former Trump advisers are trying to do the impossible: Make Trumpism about the future

But the plans were for naught. Trump lost the election. Vision 2025 was never released. The retreat was canceled. Rollins, Kudlow and others haven't discarded their project, though. Instead, they turned it into a blueprint for a new non-profit, the America First Policy Institute, often described as a "White House in waiting."

Nobody Like The Veep Either

Revolving door creates questions and complications for Kamala Harris

There's been a running theme for years in Kamala Harris's world. When she was senator very few people in her office had the institutional knowledge of her time as attorney general in California. And when she was attorney general, there was some overlap but only a small cadre of staffers could contextualize her time as...

Infinite COVID Rx

Covid Patients Should Take An Antiviral Even If They Don't Have Severe Symptoms, Study Finds

Pfizer's Covid-19 antiviral Paxlovid and Merck's coronavirus pill molnupiravir appear to guard against hospitalizations and death even when people aren't experiencing severe symptoms, a new study found, as the White House continues efforts to make these medications more widely available as Covid cases surge. Covid cases and hospitalizations are on the rise in the U.S.

World War Z & Food Supply

Wheat prices rise after Odessa attack; Russia says it targeted Ukraine military

A U.N.-backed deal to resume exports of Ukrainian grain has been thrown into doubt after missile strikes at the weekend. The strikes, on the port city of Odessa, have been widely condemned, with the Kremlin insisting that they hit military infrastructure.

Time Stands Still

Permanent daylight saving time hits brick wall in House

More than four months after the Senate unanimously passed a bill to make daylight saving time permanent in the U.S., the measure has hit a brick wall in the House. The main impediments dimming the legislation's chances of passing appear to be fundamental disagreements over its language and a general consensus that other matter take...

Home Team Hopes For Future

Royals try to balance floor and ceiling with a college-heavy 2022 draft

A year after a risky draft class headlined by gambles on projectable prep pitchers, the Royals went the opposite direction in the 2022 draft. The first 17 selections of the draft were all college players, with the headliners being ninth overall pick Gavin Cross and 49th overall pick Cayden Wallace.

Good Deeds Via Reparation

Shawnee, Olathe courts allow school supplies to replace fines

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ks. (KCTV) - Shawnee residents will have an opportunity to have a portion of their court fines and/or warrant fees paid for through the School Supplies for Fines program. $50 dollars can be taken off of fines for $15 worth of supplies and $100 can be taken off for $30 worth of supplies.

Clouds Start Monday

Thunderstorms impacting morning drive

Slow-moving downpours and embedded thunderstorms will continue through much of Monday morning, before tapering off and shifting mainly north of I-70 later this afternoon. High 78. There is the potential of a severe thunderstorm for a couple hours around sunset with damaging wind the most likely threat, however a brief tornado is possible if conditions line up just right.

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