There's surprising buy-in here from elected officials, rising stars and women throughout the Kansas City Metro . . . This news is important to witness in order to understand where KCMO might stand amid an increasingly divisive discourse. 

Check the list of speakers, ANOTHER HARD TIME AHEAD FOR THE PLAZA & bold statements about the future of democracy ahead of the midterms elections . . .

5,400+ Kansas Citians to participate in WE ARE NOT FREE, JULY 4TH RALLY

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (July 4th, 2022) – On Monday, July 4th at 11 AM, Kansas Citians will be participating in the “We Are Not Free Freedom March” at the Mill Creek Park on the Plaza here in Kansas City. 

Stacy Henderson, lead organizer, will be leading this effort alongside Mayor Quinton Lucas and Justice Horn, lead organizer of the 2020 Kansas City Black Lives Matter Movement and Candidate for the Jackson County Legislature-District 1.

 There are currently 5,400+ Kansas Citians RSVPed to go via Facebook event and that link can be found below. 

The current speaker line-up is the Welcome, the Kansas City Indian Center, Jessica Piper (Candidate for the Missouri House), Ayaan Muse (Activist), Crissy Dastrup (Candidate for City Council - 4th District), Ashley Aune (State Representative from the Northland), Maurisha Minter (Activist), Becca Kutch (Will share personal story/experience), MJ Jone (Activist), Councilwoman Melissa Robinson (3rd District Councilwoman and with the Black Health Coalition), Bianca Alonzo (will share personal experience and story), Stacy Lake (Candidate for Jackson County Executive), Tiffany Buckley (will share personal story/experience), Jill Cockson (will share personal story/experience), Chenille Moore (will share personal story/experience), Emily Weber (State Representative representing Midtown), Ashlee Kent (will share personal story/experience), Moment of silence, and then Stacy Henderson (Lead organizer will end it out). This will then transition to the freedom march portion of the program being led by activists as well. The march will end at 5 PM CST.

Facebook event link:

We are not free. Freedom march

Mill Creek Park

Come rally and peacefully protest with us for reproductive freedom on America’s day of freedom! Abortion rights are human rights and we must stand up for everyone this effects.

This is a safe space, open to all to let your voices be heard, no matter your background.

We will meet at Mill Creek Park to rally and march along 47th street through the plaza.

The land will be blessed by the Kansas City Indian Center as the rally begins and we’ll hear from our indigenous community leaders.

Mayor Lucas and Justice Horn will be in attendance.

**If you would like to speak please DM us**

Volunteers show up at 10:30am
11am-1pm rally
1:15pm to 3pm march down 47th street
3pm march ends

Things to Bring:

-Black, white or green clothing (black for lack of rights, white for freedom of expression and green for abortion rights)
-Protest signs
-Your stories and voices!
We will meet by the fountain closest to 47th street where the rally will begin.
We need volunteers for specific stations
-Water station
-Poster making


Developing . . .