Kansas AG Schmidt Predicts Legal Battle No Matter Who Wins Aug. 2nd Abortion Vote

Credit to this Sunflower State lawman . . . His perspective is absolutely correct and realizes that the upcoming electoral showdown is just one of many until there is a national reckoning on this issue.

Here's the word . . .

"If think if Value Them Both were to not pass, it is likely that we will see additional legal challenges brought against existing Kansas law that governs the provision of abortion in the state," Schmidt said. "There already are at least two pending lawsuits, one challenging what is often colloquially called dismemberment abortion, a particular procedure often performed in the second trimester. There's another lawsuit pending that challenges certain health and safety standards for clinics that are currently in Kansas law. I suspect that we'll see more of those challenges in the event Value Them Both were not to pass. That's why supporters, they are able to say, I believe accurately, what is at risk here is the preservation of existing laws related to abortion."

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Schmidt: Next AG may have defense to play if Value Them Both fails

NICK GOSNELL Hutch Post HUTCHINSON, Kan. - Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said the task for his successor could be difficult if the abortion regulation amendment on the ballot August 2 does not pass.