Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker Seyz She's 'Stuck' With Abortion Crackdown

Of all the articles out there in this recent news cycle . . . This one is probably one of the most important. 

Remember that the prosecutor was a bit more forceful with her statement on enforcing new abortion laws at the outset of this debate. 

Now . . .

This current interview features very thoughtful commentary from a top Kansas City law enforcement & elected official. We notice that she's playing it safe but still taking a moment to express her frustration.

Here's more context . . .

 In Missouri, an abortion trigger law was nearly instantaneous. “Within the first 15 minutes, it became law in Missouri upon the decision being released,” Baker says. “I had to pivot pretty hard to see, OK, what is this new law? And then I realized, oh, it’s a near-total ban.”

Baker has scoured the law itself, of course. Missouri’s ban passed in 2019. Now that Roe’s been overturned, it makes performing an abortion a “Class B felony.” The impact of these new laws has been chaotic. “People are only now realizing the import of those words that they put into law and what does it mean,” Baker says.

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"I Didn't Make This Law, and Now I'm Stuck With It"

As the Jackson County prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker swore an oath: to uphold Missouri's laws. And then, Roe v. Wade was overturned. And Baker had to try to figure out what, exactly, the law was. In Missouri, an abortion trigger law was nearly instantaneous.