Here's How Union Station Worsened Downtown Kansas City Parking Wars

It might be a good sign that parking is getting tougher in and around the loop given that "remote work" is quickly falling out of favor amongst middle-managers desperately trying to justify their existence. 

Meanwhile . . .

We roll up on a bit of development hackery given that it has implications for the toy train line, downtown workers and quickly disappearing options for people looking to park their car. 

Check the update and realize that in many urban cities people can pay BIG BUCKS to park . . .

George Guastello, president of Union Station, said selling the property to Blue KC would help his institution build its “Now and Forever” fund intended to serve as a funding source for the historic terminal’s future needs.

“By looking ahead and planning for that now, we are not only being responsible caretakers of Union Station today, we are also ensuring an ongoing foundation of financial strength,” Guastello said.

For Blue KC, the acquisition, described by Guastello as the largest undeveloped property in the Crossroads and Crown Center area, allows the firm to contemplate expanding on its current site.

“Blue KC is pleased to acquire the five acres of parking lot space from Union Station,” Christa Dubill, Blue KC vice present of communications, said in a statement.

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Blue KC Buys 5-Acre Lot From Union Station, 'Flexibility' for HQ Decision

Blue KC has purchased a five-acre parking lot owned by Union Station adjoining its offices on Main Street, a move that will allow the health insurance firm more flexibility as it anticipates the future of its headquarters.