Guv Parson Shuts Down Missouri Democratic Party Special Session Abortion Debate

Credit to the Missouri GOP leader . . . 

Guv. Parson offers much needed clarity in a recent statement regarding questions confronting new Missouri abortion laws. 

Even better . . . He notes that doctors need to be a part of this conversation.

Here are the basics . . .

During an appearance at API Innovation Center in Cortex, Parson said that if the legislature decides to address those issues, it should be during its normal session where they can speak with doctors and patients about health concerns.

“Bureaucrats and attorneys don't need to be the ones deciding on what is life threatening,” Parson said. “Doctors need to have a seat at that table and frankly they're more qualified to be able to make that decision than anybody else is.”

But doctors say the state’s ban will put more pregnant people at risk. A hospital system in Kansas City stopped prescribing emergency contraceptives out of confusion over the state’s abortion ban. The system has since reversed its decision after Parson and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt clarified that contraceptives are legal in the state.

“There is no issue on contraception, contraceptives are the same in the state of Missouri that they were three months ago, nothing whatsoever has changed in that category and pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy as well,” Parson said Thursday.

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Missouri governor won't call special session on ectopic pregnancies, birth control

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said he has no plans to call a special legislative session to protect access to contraceptives and address ectopic pregnancies. Parson's comments come days after Democratic leaders called on the governor to hold a special session now that the state has banned nearly all abortions.