Missouri Republicans and the mainstream GOP know what's at stake . . . If Greitens wins the primary than suddenly this thing becomes a winnable contest for the Democratic Party. 

Beyond our bawdy post title, here's a peek at money doing a lot better talking than any of the pundits . . .

The Show Me Values PAC has run nearly $6 million in ads blasting Greitens for being soft on China and highlighting recent allegations of domestic abuse made by his ex-wife.

- Since the ad blitz, Greitens' once-resilient polling numbers have been in freefall.

- An Emerson poll, conducted from July 21-23, found Greitens falling to third place, winning just 16% of the vote.

- Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has emerged as the front-runner with 33% of the vote, followed by Rep. Vicky Hartzler with 21%.

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Republican money sinking Eric Greitens' controversial Missouri Senate campaign

A Republican super PAC created to prevent disgraced former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens from winning the Senate GOP primary has knocked the controversial candidate out of the lead, according to several new public polls in the race. Why it matters: The effective Republican intervention in Missouri's wide-open primary proves that party leaders can successfully boost mainstream candidates, if they so choose.

GOP civil war brews around Eric Greitens Senate campaign as Trump mulls over an endorsement

A GOP civil war is brewing in Missouri around the embattled U.S. Senate campaign of Eric Greitens, an avowed Donald Trump backer whose poll numbers are now tumbling as more attention is brought to allegations that he physically abused his ex-wife and son.

Eric Schmitt Rising, Eric Greitens Fading in Missouri | National Review

Greitens can't be counted out quite yet, but Schmitt now leads him outside the margin of error in Trafalgar and by double digits in two other polls.

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