Former KCPD Captain Cleared After Greitens Ride-Along: Political Persecution?!?

A recent decision will likely cost KCPD and local taxpayers a great deal of cash. 

The upshot . . .

After prosecutors found no wrongdoing for a "controversial" ride-along with Eric Greitens . . . KCPD now confronts serious questions about politically charged intimidation and persecution of their workers.

Our blog community was proven correct in advocating for this officer and noting that Mayor Q and MANY politicos have also often taken ride-alongs . . . The video promo was the fault of the MAGA leader and not KCPD.

In this instance, sensationalism from the newspaper and social media sparked outrage against police that has now been deemed unjustified.  

Remember . . .

This was a 26-year veteran who was suspended for more than a month waiting for this decision and vindication. 

The report states that he cleared the ride-along with his bosses. 

The KCPD veteran didn't endorse a political issue or campaign in any video nor did he even make any appearance in the MAGA leader's clip. 

Sadly, he was forced into retirement and earned a scathing rebuke in the editorial pages of the Kansas City Star and from other 12th & Oak politicos despite the fact that taking pix with po-po is a time honored campaign season tradition . . .

For the record . . . Let's take another look at the determination . . .

Special prosecutor Darrell Moore was looking into whether Loar violated Chapter 84 of Missouri law.

Chapter 84 states that "No officer or employee of such department shall solicit any person to vote for or against any candidate for public office, or poll precincts or be connected with other political work of similar character on behalf of any political organization, party, or candidate while on duty or while wearing the official uniform of the department.”

In a memo released by Moore on Friday, he concluded that Loar had not violated Chapter 84.

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Former KCPD officer who conducted ride-along with Greitens won't face charges

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A former Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department officer who was under investigation after conducting a ride-along with Eric Greitens won't be charged. The officer, who was identified as David Loar , rode along with Greitens on April 26. Greitens, who is running U.S.