Employment Discrimination Lawsuits Confront Guadalupe Centers

Over the weekend we noticed word of of the FIRST OF MANY legal challenges confronting new leadership at Guadalupe Centers.

In order to secure power, new bosses purged employees over the course of the pandemic and now they're confronting legal push back. 

This isn't just barrio gossip . . . Even our progressive pals at public radio have picked up news of controversial firings that sparked concern throughout the community. 

Accordingly, here are the basics . . .

It's the same old story about new management . . . They're disconnected suburbanites with far more ambition than community connections. 

Recently the new bosses attempted to garner a bit of political support with yet another awards ceremony and even Mayor Q fell for it. 

On the ground level . . . 

The word is out . . . The tradition and history of Guadalupe Centers has been betrayed and now disgruntled former workers are taking the organization to task. 

Developing . . .