Deadly Kansas City Fire Department Truck Crash In Westport Crash Exposed

Investigation of this tragic collision continues after three people were killed. 

The angles are important and show the SUV crossing a green light BUT the fire truck is also seen with lights and probably sirens blaring. 

Here's one passage . . .

In one of the videos, you can see the KCFD pumper truck traveling from the top of the screen going north on Broadway. You can see the SUV traveling west on Westport. We froze the video before the moment of impact.

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Videos show final seconds leading up to deadly Kansas City, Missouri, Fire Department crash in Westport

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Video recordings obtained by KSHB 41 News through an open-records request show the final seconds leading up to a deadly crash last December involving a Kansas City, Missouri, fire truck at the Westport intersection of Westport Road and Broadway Boulevard. The Dec.