Danforth Dedicated To Playing Missouri Republican Senate Campaign Spoiler

Here's a worthwhile note about the money behind the Republican competition that works to conspire against popular sentiment in this, like it or not, red state.

Here's the word on democracy by maneuver rather than consensus . . .

Danforth contributed $5 million on June 6 to Missouri Stands United, and by June 24 ads featuring Danforth talking about the need for a new path were on the air in Springfield, St. Louis and Kansas City.

The ad buy on Monday, bringing television spending by the PAC to $2.2 million, was entirely in Kansas City and St. Louis markets. The PAC has spent more than any candidate committee and is third in TV spending in the Senate race to replace retiring Sen. Roy Blunt.

“We’re not in this to be a spoiler,” Danforth said. “That’s for sure. We’re in it to win it and I believe that we can win it.”

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Danforth PAC backing independent Senate candidate in Missouri adds $750K to TV ad buy * Missouri Independent

The political action committee backing independent Senate candidate John Wood is "in it to win it," former Sen. Jack Danforth said a day after the PAC spent another $750,000 on TV ads to run before the Aug. 2 primary.