Congressmen Cleaver Promises More Cash For Kansas City 18th & Vine

Again, we always remind our readers that KC has spent over 100 MILLION BUCKS on this district without any sustainable biz model.

Another fun fact . . . Kansas City Public subsidy for 18th & Vine has actually lasted longer than the Jazz Age

Here's a quick look at a proposed double down . . .

"One of the projects included is revamping the 18th and Vine District, starting with a big welcome sign and a $4 million dollar investment. “We’re going to get something that we will design here in Kansas City that will be a very welcoming structure,” Congressman Cleaver said. “We don’t know what it will be at this point, but it will welcome people into an area that is historic.”

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KCMO's 18th and Vine District could see new restoration projects

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Roughly $38 million dollars could soon be coming to Missouri's fifth congressional district, thanks to the work of Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver II. "Almost 40 million dollars and that money will got towards a variety of projects," Cleaver said. According to Cleaver, the United States House of Representatives passed the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget.