Clay Chastain Signs Up More Than 1400 Kansas City Voters To His New Transit Plan

Once again we visit with the most prolific petitioner in Kansas City history at the outset of his latest crusade . . . Here's the word . . .

Clay Chastain: "Local community leaders and institutions are failing the people again in paying no attention (whatsoever) to a grassroots Petition (to vastly improve Kansas City) that voters are enthusiastically signing in support of."

 While in KC (June 23 - July 6) I personally collected 1,400 signatures (primarily at the Price Chopper in Brookside). However, Kansas City's establishment has ignored this Petition Initiative (that challenges it's leadership) from it's inception. 

Last Monday's press release discussed how the Initiative proposed to create a new Green, affordable and alternative transportation system for the people, but also generate additional multiple benefits substantial federal infrastructure funds, generate new,  affordable and alternative housing (around the modern Monorail & Ultra Light Rail / Greenway System), stimulate economic development and power a population surge in declining urban areas of Kansas City, etc. But unfortunately, the powers that be are not interested in covering, or discussing, the merits of this proposed solution to improve the local environment and human condition (with an emphasis on forgotten parts of KC- especially the east side). 

Not Mayor Lucas, not Congressman Cleaver, not the City Council, not the KC Star, not the Chamber, not the ATA, not the MSM, et al. 

But at least the voters signing the petition are interested. 

America's disinterested, inept and untrustworthy institutions are largely failing us. It is left to the people themselves to step up and save our country and its cities where they can. The people signing the Kansas City, Missouri Petition Initiative are actively doing their part.


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