City Manager Promises 'Action' Against Kansas City Mass Shootings

A recent interview offered some reassurance to locals in the aftermath of more deadly KCMO entertainment district gunfire. 

However . . . The premise is sketchy . . . 

City Manager Brian Platt believes that progress against mass shootings will follow the same path as alleged improvements in street paving and snow removal. 

The only problem: There are still many complaints on those two fronts.

Still, here's his hopeful assessment . . .

"There are so many different interventional strategies & techniques that we can utilize in something like this to get a head of crime and reach out to at risk communities and at risk individuals. There are ways to make our streets visibly safer. We can deploy our police resources in different ways to be more efficient with them. But also put them exactly where we need them in certain places . . .We hope you’re going to see a more visible police presence in areas that people are concerned about . . . You’re going to see more police personnel, you’re going to see more police cars and you’re going to see more cameras . . .You’re going to seem more action. And hopefully that will deter the things we don’t want in those places.”

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