Church of Scientology Selling Off Midtown Kansas City Real Estate Despite Streetcar Hype

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We're not sure if this is good news or bad news . . . But apparently the controversial church is looking for greater fools just like everybody else in the real estate game.

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"Up for grabs through a recent Copaken Brooks listing are two church-owned buildings connected via outdoor courtyard northeast of 39th and Main streets — the Hyde Park Building that the church once occupied at 2 E. 39th St. and the Walnut Street Shops, a retail stretch at 26 E. 39th St. Also listed are two surface lots behind the buildings, along Walnut Street, that provide 53 parking spaces."

"An asking price was not available. The properties in 2021 collectively were appraised at $1.12 million, Jackson County land records show."

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Church of Scientology lists Midtown properties with mixed-use promise along streetcar - Kansas City Business Journal

The Church of Scientology has enlisted Copaken Brooks to sell a quartet of properties it has owned more than 20 years in Kansas City's Midtown. The sites hold mixed-use redevelopment potential next to a future streetcar stop at 39th and Main streets.