Behind The Scenes: Mayor Q Note Considers KCATA & Development Incentives

Special thanks to AWESOME TKC READERS for sharing this important note that still resonate with many insiders.

There are a lot of moving parts here but here's our main takeaway . . . 


Of course the school district will cry bloody murder . . . Even when they are flush with cash. 

Check the notes and tell us what you think . . .

Subject: RideKC Development Corporation and KCATA Joint Letter

Attached is a signed letter of response to your letter sent June 29th to the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, RideKC Development Corporation and other notice parties.  The attached response is provided under authorship of the Chairs of both organizations regarding details and actions of the Sustaining Transportation and Reinvesting Together (START) Policy focused on transportation corridors to advance Transit Oriented Development under KCATA’s Congressional and State Compact Powers.


Brien M. Starner, CEcD


Now Mayor Q's memo that still resonates . . .

Subject: Re: RideKC Development Corporation and KCATA Joint Letter from Chair Melissa Bynum and Chair Daniel Serda to Dr. Mark T. Bedell, Kansas City School District and Notice Parties
Commissioner Bynum and Dr. Serda,

I enter this conversation to share only a few points.  Most every development seeking incentives of some significance in Kansas City south of the river, whether a START project or one in collaboration with one of our other incentive agencies, is already along a high transit corridor and meets transit-oriented development principles, e.g., 3rd and Grand (approved by Port KC); MAC Properties at Armour and Troost (approved by PIEA), etc.  I also note that Kansas City currently has a high number of incentive requests along Main Street where the bus-rapid transit line already exists and the streetcar will expand.  

Development along a route with a bus or streetcar line alone cannot be the standard by which we dispense with the extensive policy discussion that has taken place at City Council and elsewhere concerning the abatement and redirection of taxes going to Kansas City's schools or other taxing jurisdictions.  I hope that as the START program builds out its development future, particularly concerning projects in Kansas City, Missouri, which thus far appears to be the exclusive focus, it aligns with development goals, including stimulating development east of Troost Avenue and adhering with housing, minority representation, and labor union-backed wage goals that have been established based upon years of discussion.

As a Kansas Citian being asked to submit to non-Kansas Citians electing to redirect future revenues for our public schools, county, city, and other taxing jurisdictions, I would expect a collaborative discussion at all of our organizations' meetings to be part of future plans, not those at Ride KC alone.

As a final point, I will note that having been the recipient of strong, but fair communications from the school district in the past concerning our incentive policies, I find their questions appropriate even where at times we may disagree.  I find their tone to be based on the seriousness of their concerns.  

I look forward to our further discussion.  



Quinton Lucas
Kansas City


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