Bass Pro Socks Lawsuit (Almost) Explained

The U.S. has become an increasingly litigious society and no issue is too small to settle in court . . . Even if victories are difficult to enforce and are never assured.

Here's a somewhat local example . . .

"The lawsuit goes on to say in 2021, Bass Pro Shops changed its practices and no longer honored the warranty. The socks now have a different design, "presumably so that [Bass Pro Shops] employees know that no warranty will be honored for those 60-Day Socks beyond the limited warranty period," the lawsuit alleges."

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Man suing Bass Pro Shops over socks

WEBSTER COUNTY, Mo. ( KOLR) - A Missouri man is taking Bass Pro Shops to court over a pair of socks. Kent Slaughter filed a lawsuit earlier this month alleging that previously, when someone would return Redhead Lifetime Guarantee All-Purpose Wool Socks, Bass Pro Shops would honor the lifetime warranty and provide a new pair at no charge.