Backstory Exposed As Kansas City Troost Ave. Confronts Historic Racial Reckoning

We revisit this point of contention for 2022 and share a note that provides even more historical context.

The crux of the debate . . .

"Today, the largest memorial of this man is the street which bears his name, and it became a racial dividing line that has scarred our city. This happened well after Troost’s death, and unlike many other streets which bear our founder’s names, Benoist never lived on the street itself. Regardless, the city’s founders and the government for generations continued to stretch this street south through our city.

  "Memorials, statues and streets bearing the names of slave owners are a hot button in cities across the nation. Should Kansas City consider renaming this street because Troost had held enslaved people? This question isn’t unique to Kansas City, and even historians can’t agree on what should be done."

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Dr. Benoist Troost: Beyond the Street Which Bears His Name. . . For Now

In recent weeks, there has been an effort to rename Troost Ave. Launched by Chris Goode, owner of Ruby Jean's Juicery and prior member of the Parks Board, wants to rename the 10-plus mile street "Truth Avenue." At the heart of the argument is Dr. Benoist Troost, a man who at one time owned slaves.