Woodside Poaches Overland Park Custard

The "economic border war" continues betwixt Missouri & Kansas. But now we notice that even suburban cities are fighting amongst each other for biz.

Sadly, the current recession . . . The stakes are somewhat lower . . . 

Also . . . Our very best readers note that 75th and Metcalf is a dump.

Here's a taste of local biz move and empty calories moving somewhat closer to TKC . . .

"The Sheridan's Frozen Custard 6825 W. 75th Street in Overland Park has closed after moving to the new Unforked Westwood location in Woodside."

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Sheridan's Frozen Custard closes Overland Park location, moves to Westwood

The Sheridan's Frozen Custard on 75th Street in Overland Park has closed and moved its operations to the Woodside Village complex on Rainbow Boulevard in Westwood. Where was it exactly? Sunday was the last day Sheridan's in the Metcalf Shopping Center at 6825 W. 75th Street, served its frozen custard at that location.