Will Kansas City Mayor Q Save Former Cerner Workers From Oracle Ax?!?

No, no he won't.

It's also a worsening cowtown mischaracterization to portray a ruthless corporate takeover as "an investment" in Kansas City.

Meanwhile . . . 

Realists warn people that a massive layoff is coming for local tech workers given that the tech raider has performed similar job slashing throughout their history and for the benefit of shareholders.

Still . . . Social media smiles have a way of convincing a lot of people. 

Here's Mayor Q's spin . . .

"Excited to have @Oracle investing in our city! We discussed at their SF hub how they can expand their footprint in Kansas City, recruit exceptional diverse talent to our city, and how together we can keep building one of the best tech and business cities in America. @Cerner

With them as our largest private employer, we appreciate their outreach and partnership in growing Kansas City . . ."

You decide . . .