Watching Kansas City Royals Lose Is Like Eating At Arby's

The home team comes up short again and now fans are making culinary comparisons.

Take a peek at this artful analogy from our favorite baseball blog . . .

All in all, this was a rather normal game to lose. The 2014 Royals lost plenty of games like this, where the other team was just better enough to win. The problem is that this game has been surrounded by games in which the other team was just so hugely better than the Royals at every facet of the game. Oh well, I guess. Eat Arby’s.

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Royals lose 4-2 to the Giants

Coming into tonight, the Royals had won precisely zero games in which they trailed by three or more runs-with a whopping 32 losses. In San Francisco, the Royals added a number to the second column, falling to 0-33 when trailing by three or more runs.